Ready Player Golf

The World's Premiere Virtual Reality Golf Outings

(On Oculus Quest Only)

September 24th 2021



XR Safety Initiative

* NFT art auctions *
* Celebrity guests *
* Multimetaverse portaling *
* Magical awards show in VR *


How It Works

Register for the tournament @ $100/ticket

(registrations are considered tax deductable donations)

Download the two applications below
Pro Putt by Topgolf on the Oculus Quest

ENGAGE - Virtual Communications Made Real 


Show up at your scheduled tee-time, choose your team and play your best game!



September 24th

September 25th

Group 1- 12:00pm EST
Group 2- 3:00pm EST
Group 3- 6:00pm EST


  • Meet in the RPG clubhouse in the Engage platform

  • Network and mingle with guests, bid on featured artist NFTs, play games

  • Find and choose your teammates and portal to your match

​12:00pm EST

  • Show up to the RPG clubhouse in Engage and portal over to the cabaret room to network with attendees, engage with sponsor booths and watch the tournament awards show


Sponsors and Partners

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Contact Sophia Moshasha for sponsorship information.

Join the Ready Player Golf community on Discord to stay connected with other members, pick up games and recieve updates for activities leading up to the next event.